Besrey Wearable Breast Pump, Low Noise Hands Free Breast Pump with 3 Modes & 12 Levels for Painless Breastfeeding, Portable Electric Breast Pump with 24mm Flange, 1pcs


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Besrey, Born with Love. Established in 2012, Besrey focuses on the field of baby products. We are passionate about helping moms express breast milk in the best way. So we create a smaller and elegant wearable breast pump to help moms stimulate the breast to secrete more milk for breastfeeding and solve the lack of breast milk. Compared with other products, Besrey has made some new upgrades.

Comes with newly upgraded 3 modes and 12 levels of adjustable suction for you to choose from, the portable breast pump runs for 20 minutes a cycle, and 4-5 cycles on one full charge, designed for moms who pump several times when you need to be hands-free all day. No one wants to be tied to a breast pump for just a few cycles a day but have to frantically search for a charger on the go.

This electric hands free breast pump runs so quietly that it produces even less sound than an air conditioner. And the LED display will help you get the reasonable time and other settings at night pump. Therefore, it pumps breast milk perfectly even at night, without disturbing your baby’s sleep. In addition, the BPA-free silicone allows you to use it with confidence.



Q1: How long is it safe to pump each time?

A: We do not recommend that you use the breast pump for more than 60 mins at a time, as pumping for too long would cause nipple tears. We recommend that you can increase the number of pumping, but it is best to keep each cycle within the 20 mins preset by the product.

Q2: How to ensure efficient breast pumping?

1. Select the flange of correct size.

2. Make sure that the breast pump and accessories are installed correctly and the flange fits your breasts when pumping.

3. Suggest bra style: full-coverage bra/elastic fabric/with nursing buckle/wireless bra.

4. Depending on the installation of the breast pump and the suction status, the silicone accessories can be replaced every 3 months or so.

Q3: Does the size of the breast affect the use? How can I confirm the correct flange size?

1. It will not affect the use, just choose the correct flange size.

2. Measurement method: Use the ”Nipple Measurement Card” (included in the package). This breast pump comes with a 24mm flange, which fits nipples of 20-22mm.


  • 3 Modes & 12 Levels: Designed with 3 modes and 12 levels, Besrey electric wearable breast pump mimics the speed of the baby’s suck speed to the greatest extent possible. You can easily choose the mode and suction level that suits you for an efficient and painless pumping session.
  • Designed for Moms on The Go: Traveling or going back to work, Besrey hands-free breast pump lasts 4-5 cycles/90 minutes on a full charge, with one cycle of 20 minutes for automatic shut-off. And it’s designed with a convenient Type-C charging port.
  • All-in-One Portability: The all-in-one hands-free breast pump is smaller and more invisible. Palm-sized, you can easily put it in your bag and take it anywhere. (The included bra adjustment buckle helps to improve wear your breast pump well).
  • BPA-Free Soft Silicone: All the simplified components are made of food-grade and BPA-Free materials, which ensures safe breastfeeding for your babies.
  • Noiseless Breast Pumping: The sound produced by the breast pump is less than the operation of an air conditioner, so it won’t cause any embarrassment when pumping in public, which is suitable for moms on the go.
  • Leakproof & Anti-Backflow: The flange of breast pump has newly added sealing edge, preventing leakage. And the duckbill valve creates a one-way tunnel that prevents milk from flowing back. (The scale on the collection is up to 180ml/6oz, the optimal collection volume is 120ml/4oz)
  • Easy to clean: All detachable parts are washable. Note: Long-term machine washed is not recommended. Do not rinse or sterilize the motor part, just wipe this part clean with a soft cloth.
  • Upgraded LCD Display: Designed with an LCD display, the screen of Besrey electric breast pump is clearly visible even at night, ensuring that you can easily select the desired breast pumping mode.
  • Auto Shut-off Function: The electric breast pump will automatically shuts off every 20 minutes to prevent your breasts from being overly squeezed.
  • Memory Function: Designed with memory function, you don’t need to reset it every time when you use it again.
  • What’s in the Box: 1x Wearable Breast Pump; 5x Milk Storage Bag; 1x Valve; 1x Silicone Diaphragm; 1x Silicone Shield; 1x Type-C Cable; 1x Bra Adjustment Buckle; 1x Silicone Soft Stopper; 1x Flannel Bag; 1x Nipple Measurement Card; 1x Manual; 1x Packing Box


  • Model: S21
  • Item Size: 4.65" x 4.25" x 2.68"
  • Item Weight: 0.51 Lbs
  • Flange Size: 24 mm
  • Milk Collector Capacity: 180 ml / 6.09 oz Max.
  • Suction Modes: Automatic / Massage / Expression
  • Suction Levels: 12 Levels for Each Mode
  • Negative Pressure: 280~300 mmHg Max.
  • Battery Life: 90 mins
  • Auto Shut Off: 20 mins
  • Power Input: 5V?1A
  • Rated Power: 4W
  • USB Port: Type-C
  • Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Features: 3 Modes & 12 Levels, Painless Pumping, Low Noise, Hands-Free, 24mm Flange, Easy to Clean, Auto Shut Off, Memory Function, Leakproof, Anti-Backflow
Brand: Besrey
Assembled Product Weight: 0.51 lb
Manufacturer: Besrey
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.65 x 4.25 x 2.68 Inches

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Besrey Wearable Breast Pump, Low Noise Hands Free Breast Pump with 3 Modes & 12 Levels for Painless Breastfeeding, Portable Electric Breast Pump with 24mm Flange, 1pcs


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