Portable Baby Health Suit Children’s Beauty Set


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1. Baby special safety scissors: Round cutter head design, easy to use, easy to stab baby delicate skin.

2. Baby special mini nail clippers: Featured stainless steel material plus PP material, safety inline jaw curvature, close to the baby’s nails, safe to apply, and natural curvature after pruning.

3. Baby special nail file: smooth and delicate handle to prevent slipping, stamped surface carbon steel plating sand, made of selected materials. Trimming your baby’s nails is prone to leaving burrs, and nails are used to stab the left side of the nails and trim the corners to prevent them from scratching themselves.

4. Baby safety special tweezers: transparent dust cover and human handshake design, health and safety, to prevent the tweezers sliding and hurt the baby.

5. Baby special nasal suction device: rounded suction nozzle to avoid injuring the baby’s nasal mucosa, safe and soft, effectively protect the baby’s nasal cavity

6. Baby dropper feeding device: quantitative accurate, accurate medication, to avoid excessive intake, care of the baby, always concerned about the health of the baby.

7. Baby electronic thermometer: soft head design, flexible, to avoid accidental injury to the baby

8. Baby comb brush combination (comb + brush): disc dense, soft bristles, comb brush safety and health, comb teeth unique round head design, design intimate care.

9. Baby fingertip toothbrushes: Soft toothbrush bristles can effectively clean teeth. The bumps on the back clean the tongue.


Material: Plastic

Size: 24*19.7*3.8cm

Color: as shown

Package Content:

1 set Nail scissors

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Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 240 × 37 × 195 cm

Blue, Pink, Pink 8 piece set

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Portable Baby Health Suit Children's Beauty Set